Sunday, August 27, 2017

DV8 Stud Mr. Mark

DV8 Studios proudly presents this hot DV8 Stud.  Do we really care what brought you to porn?  Nah, just glad you are here.  DV8 Studios wants to know the kink of our models. So our interview is a bit different but yet the same with a spice of Deviance.

Sharp Dressed Man as he met up with me 

Name: Mark Steiner
SL Rez Day:  10/28/2013
Country: USA
Native Language: English

He paused as he seen me sitting there.

With a small hint of shyness at first

Temp: What do you think is your hottest feature on your avatar?
Mr. Mark: My Lips

Peeking Jill I was but when he started slowly taking of his suit...

And then those bedroom eyes looked at me 

Temp: How do you identify yourself?
Mr. Mark:  Hetero....

Stripping down his pants and kicking off his shoes 

Asking me what I wanted  *Evil Grin*

Temp: What if your hottest fantasy you have roleplayed out?
Mr. Mark: Swapping with my friends wife.

Him naked in all his glory

And damn look at that fine backside 

Temp: So what do you find the most challenging in the SL porn industry?
Mr. Mark: Getting noticed.

Mr. Mark in all his Glory got over his shyness and well so did I.

Temp: Do you have any limits and if so what are they?
Mr. Mark: I do not do age play and gore.

I would like to thank Mr. Mark for being patient this shoot was done months ago and I have just now got to getting it out for all to enjoy and I do hope you enjoy!!!

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