Friday, April 7, 2017

Hot Blonde Bombshell Kayla is DV8 Studios newest Diva

Not only beautiful but sexy and sensual all rolled in one DV8 Studios interviews our newest Diva Kayla 

Kayla Bombastic

Name:  Kayla Bombastic
SL Rez Day:  May 19, 2009
Country:  USA
Native Language:  English

Classic Dress shows off the lady 

Flaring and posing like Marilyn

Me: What do you think is your hottest feature on your avatar?
Kayla:  Can I have two?  *laughs*  Boobs and lips.

Very Nice Lips indeed

And what a great Ass

The shadows add an extra touch to her other asset 

Me: How do you identify yourself? 
Kayla: Straight with some Bi moments.  

Rawr Boobs and Lips great features I do agree

The tease done tastefully

Me:  What is your hottest fantasy you have roleplayed out? 
Kayla: I haven't done it yet, but I am about to.  Kayla Whittaker is putting me as the star of a gang bang movie and I'm super excited!

The seduction for men and women alike Rawr

The soft lighting add to her beauty

A new tattoo that hungs her hip curve and makes your hands ache to follow it

Showing her Diva 

Me: So what do you find the most challenging in the SL porn industry? 
Kayla: The line between being a sex goddess and being professional.  *laughs*  Well, what I mean is, some people think that just because I am in porn, I will have sex with anyone.  That simply isn't true.  I love to have fun, but I'm very professional with my work.  

And her perfect ass I would say is another hot feature on this bombshell

Softness and lights relaxing for the night in a bubble bath

Who wants to join this sexy lady

Me: Do you have any limits and if so what are they? 
Kayla:  I'm very open with most anything.  You never know what you will like until you try it, after all.  But I do draw the line at child play, snuff, scat, and mutilation.  

Johnny is one lucky man!!

I would like to thank Kayla for the time and patiences.  Also Kayla did the scene for the picture shoot this is a beautiful yet talented lady.  She is truly a Diva and was a great pleasure to work with.  Mwah 

Interview and Photos : TemptedPassion

Monday, March 27, 2017

The DV8 Studios Stud Johnny entertaining us all

DV8 Studios bring you that hot voiced and sexy body of the one and only Johnny

JohnnyWhadd Resident

Name:  JohnnyWhadd
SL Rez Day:  5/13/2012
Country:  USA
Native Language:  English

On stage at DV8 Club 
Me: What do you think is your hottest feature on your avatar?  
Johnny: my eyes

Relaxed and handsome and a voice to match

His eyes are sexy but so is the rest of him

Up on stage rawr take it off

Me: How do you identify yourself? 
Johnny: Hetero/Straight

The tease and flex

Don't walk away oh wait that is a nice sight as well

Me: What if your hottest fantasy you have roleplayed out? 
Johnny:  I have many, cannot really narrow it down to just one **smiles**

Peeping in at the handsome DJ Johnny

Makes you want to bite and growl 

On display 

Me: So what do you find the most challenging in the SL porn industry? 
Johnny:  Viewing all the great photos and films that are produce

So I took into the dressing room to chat some more

With an ass like that who wants to talk with other thoughts wandering 

A step and pause and a ass flex before 

Me: Do you have any limits and if so what are they?  
Johnny: I like to keep it straight but have done work with she-males.  I won't do guy on guy(s) and no pedophilia.  Being in SL affords the opportunity to expand my horizons so I try to do just that.

The soft smile from the handsome Stud

This man is a pleasure to work so catch him DJ on Friday nights naked and on Saturday afternoons as well.  Thank you Johnny for your time and patience and for being that amazing Stud of DV8 Studios.

Interview and Photos: TemptedPassion

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Take a walk on the Dark Side with DV8 Stud Damien

This DV8 Stud shows off his "talent" at the beach introducing Damien 

Damien Godard

Name: Damien Godard
SL Rez Day: 2/9/2010
Country: United States
Native Language: English

Watching him watching the waves crash in 

Liking the way the sun slides over his dark skin

Me: What do you think is your hottest feature on your avatar?
Damien: My Dick. Its nice, thick, solid, and chocolate.

His piercing stare as if lost in thought

A slight turn and I feel my heart skip as he pulls off his top

Licking my lips as my camera slides around the handsome stud 

Me: How do you identify yourself?
Damien: Heterosexual

A quick off off his shorts and shoes and off into the water

The Tease as the waves crash in 

Me: What if your hottest fantasy you have role played out?
Damien: A gentleman never tells... but...the best RP is when I connect with the SL avi and am 'in the experience' with the other person. That feeling when the heat radiates through the screen, and you can literally feel that person with you. Knowing both of you reached the point of mutual satisfaction. That's hot.

He pauses to ask if I was going to join him 

Temptation is this man as he lures me closer

and turns with a smile and asks me if I like

Me: So what do you find the most challenging in the SL porn industry?
Damien: I am a photographer. After the shoot, deciding on the one photo that best captivates the essence of the shoot can be very challenging. During the shoot, I am taking multiple shots, from multiple angles, using multiple wind-lights. So when its time to choose the photo, I narrow it all down to the best three.  Then I picture in my mind how those three will look edited.  I choose the best one edit.  When I know that the picture is 'the one,' that's when I post.

Ummm Mr Damien Godard many will like what they see

A slight smile and a wink 

Me: Do you have any limits and if so what are they?
Damien: I don't do Kid porn, gore, animal porn, furries, faeries, or scat.

As he looks out again at the surf

It was truly a pleasure to do a shoot with this amazing man, his patience and understanding made me feel confident even when I wanted to throw stuff.  Thank you Damien and was a complete pleasure!!

Interview and Photos: TemptedPassion

DV8 Studios Presents Morgan the evil green eyed handsome stud

The Wizard of Sharindlar and Dv8 Studios Stud Morgan

Morgan Talbot

Name: Morgan Talbot
SL Rez Day: August 12, 2006
Country: USA
Native Language: Enaglish

Game of Thrones nah Games of Pleasure

Strong silent look off before..

Me: What do you think is your hottest feature on your avatar?:
Morgan: My Mind... Ok, just the avatar? My body.. I try for a fairly athletic body without being overly muscled.

His intense hungry stare meets yours

The invite into his cottage and I invite him to get more comfortable

While my fingers crave to play with his chest hair and...

Me: How do you identify yourself? Hetero, Bi, Gay, Lesbian, Shemale, Tgirl, Femboi, etc....:
Morgan: Hetero

He turns watching the sun play on his shoulder 

And reflect off the muscles of his chest

Me: What if your hottest fantasy you have roleplayed out?
Morgan: Watching my wife have sex with another person or two (male or female) while I'm having sex with another woman..

He gives me that look and invites me in closer

Slow turn and walk into warm ourselves by the fire

Me: So what do you find the most challenging in the SL porn industry?:
Morgan: The technical logistics.. right animations, making sure everything is in place, setting up the scene and the lighting.. and ultimately the post process work.. building the video, grabbing the right audio for the scenes...

As he strips the fire rips through my slender body

The master wizard shows us truly what attracts people to Shar

His sweet smile or his stare nahhh,

Me: Do you have any limits and if so what are they?
Morgan: Hmm.. I'm a hetero, dominant male in a poly relationship. I'm an exhibitionist and a voyeur.. so that defines what few limits I have.. and of course the usual disclaimers about the more disgusting practices involving excrement and so on..

Its the promises of what the Wizard brings and can deliver

 I would like to personally thank Morgan for the use of his beautiful sim which he designed and adds to on a regular basis.  If you all need an amazing place to do some creative erotic pictures Sharindlar has amazing features on it just ask the Wizard for passage.  Thank you once again Morgan always a pleasure mwah!!!

Interview and Photos: Temptedpassion